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How to tell if dragon fruit is ripe

The simplest way to tell if Dragon fruit is ripe, is to make sure it is in the refrigerator when you go shopping. One of the best places to get Dragon fruit is the supermarket where the farmer has put it away all year, so you will know its fresh as the last time you bought it.

If the Dragon fruit is still in its stage of ripeness, cut it open and look at the skin. You can either remove the skin, just as you would a very ripe tomato or apple, or you can peel it. Either way, when you do this, you will see tiny seeds.

Just like any other fruit, it will lose its nutrients and vitamins if it is not eaten. If you just want a small quantity of Dragon fruit to have for yourself, you can cut a bit off of the flesh and enjoy it on its own, but if you are trying to sell it on, you will want to eat it whole.

Some fruit growers also pack Dragon fruit and give it away to customers at regular intervals. This is a good way to grow the fruit at home for at least a few years or else keep it for later years. Just remember, you will need to add more water for them to stay green and young. They will then begin to be firm and delicious by the end of the growing season.

You will need to start gathering Dragon fruit early in the growing season, about a week or two before the big snow falls, so that it has time to fully ripen. This is something you must always remember. Of course, the snow adds a little urgency to your harvesting because you will need to bring it into the shed to protect it from moisture and wind damage.

Make sure you don’t spread it around your garden, or else you could ruin some of the seedlings that you are trying to grow. Also make sure that you don’t leave it lying around on the counter, especially on the floor, because this will encourage a veritable mountain of fruit to accumulate on the floor and walls. Cut the fresh Dragon fruit into pieces and store them in separate bins or in a Tupperware. These small bins will help to keep the fruit fresh.

Now that you know how to tell if Dragon fruit is ripe, you will know how to harvest it properly. Be sure to pack it into one of the bins and hang it to dry. Let it stand for a week, and it will be ready to be cut into pieces and eaten.